The Pioneer Solution in Online Filtering for Education

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Lightspeed’s patented web filtering technology was imagined and designed exclusively for education. Lightspeed Filter ™ combines decades of web filtering experience and AI learning with a support team that is trained to specialise in the needs of your school, trust, local authority or hybrid learning environment.

Protect Students From Harmful Online Content

Lightspeed Filter (formerly Relay) is powered by the most comprehensive database of education-focused online content in the industry from 20 years of web indexing. Patented Lightspeed agents leverage advanced AI to automatically block millions of inappropriate and harmful sites, images, and videos—without overblocking. Lightspeed Filter can differentiate types of sites such as adult gaming versus educational gaming with our Esports categories.

Protect Students with e-safety compliant content filtering

Built for out-of-the-box compliance with KCSIE and Ofsted e-safety, Lightspeed Filter is the only content filtering software on the market that employs all four key components of accurate, consistent protections: a comprehensive database for effective filtering, always-on web crawling, advanced machine learning, and in-house data scientists. 

Teach and browse YouTube safely

With proprietary SmartPlay™ technology, Lightspeed Filter makes YouTube a safe and reliable instructional tool. Out of the box, SmartPlay’s patented agents and mature database effectively block millions of inappropriate videos, thumbnails, and recommended by YouTube content. Customisable policy controls enable admins to set parameters and selectively allow and permit content—including videos and comments, by year, group, class, and site types—without being overly restrictive. 

Advanced controls for just the right access

Students and staff are like Goldilocks—they need their access to online content to be just right. Customise student access to content quickly by simultaneously syncing multiple directory sources in minutes with SmartSync technology. For staff, set control policies for reports and student data based on individuals or groups, from educators to IT administrators to LA officials. Give your team the visibility into student online activity to ensure secure, consistent, and appropriate learning experiences for all students across devices.


Alert Overview Video

Lightspeed Alert™ is a critical component in student safety plans and the prevention of self-harm, cyberbullying, suicide, and school violence. Designated school safety administrators are notified instantly of threats and can intervene before an incident occurs.

Safeguard your students by detecting warning signs of suicide, cyberbullying, and school violence

With the mission of keeping your students and staff safe, on- and off-site, the global team of Lightspeed Safety Specialists are available to monitor safety alerts 24/7/365. This human review team works seamlessly with patented AI to detect early warning signs of sentiment and intent of violence, self-harm, and suicide. Lightspeed safety specialists have experience and backgrounds in education, law enforcement, and investigation, along with extensive full-time team of safety specialists are trained by threat assessment and suicide prevention training.  

Keep students safe on any device, any browser, any OS

Lightspeed Alert integrates with Microsoft and Google  to provide secure and continuous monitoring across all online documents and productivity apps, files, images, chat, and social media—anywhere students interact online. 

Responsible & Ethical by Design

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning allow rapid, accurate risk assessment and notification
  • AI removes human bias while diverse governance and review teams eliminate AI bias
  • Automated alerts are sent only when a risk is identified, only to school-designated personnel, and only with the minimum information necessary to quickly mitigate that risk
  • All of our practices, including use of AI, comply with all applicable laws and adhere to our strict data privacy and security practices including compliance with GDPR and social media platform agreements

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